In Loving Memory of Ron Carnell (Jan 24, 1950–Aug 10, 2021)

I wrote the following poem of appreciation for my dear friend, Ron on July 7, 2021, about a month after he initially called to tell me of his illness. Ron was the brilliant and charming founder of, and We originally met online through his websites in 1999, and went on to share a special 22 year friendship. We got together with friends in breathtaking locations and had some grand adventures from Niagara Falls to Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon and more. He was a wonderful friend, a trusted friend and someone I will miss for the rest of my days.

A video slideshow of the poem and Ron's remembrance notice can be found here:


Connections (for Ron Carnell)

My dearest friend, you wondrous man,
I know in life, it’s hard to plan
However someone “greater” knew
That we should meet … I know that’s true.

I know because when I was lost
Our trails entwined and pathways crossed,
I searched for meaning day by day
And there you were … one click away.

I found your stories, words and rhymes
And read them all a thousand times;
I wondered who this man could be
Who shared his writer’s world with me?

You had a strong magnetic force
Connecting me toward your course
And there to my delight I found
Like-minded people all around.

Regardless of the art you chose,
From poems to magic, even prose,
You had a way to join us all,
No audience too big or small.

Your sense of humor drew us in,
Your wit, your smarts, your impish grin,
Then came the thoughtful side of you,
Perceptive, caring, warm and true.

You made us laugh, you made us smile,
You made us pause and think a while;
Through wonderment and stories tall,
Your narratives charmed one and all.

I watched this through a writer’s lens,
Saw strangers soon becoming friends;
Your spirit seemed to join us there
Amid the stories you would share.

It mattered not, which tale you wove,
You seemed to have a treasure trove
Connecting all of us to you
While hearts and minds and friendships grew.

I’m one of many lives you’ve changed
Through sleight of hand or rhymes arranged,
Sweet friend, I’m thankful for our time,
This legacy of love and rhyme.

You’re blushing now … I’ve gone too far,
But here I am, and there you are;
We know we’re just one click away,
And through our hearts, we’ll always stay.

© Kit McCallum 2021