Kit was born in London, Ontario, Canada in 1963. Her interest in poetry and creative writing was fueled at a young age by her grandfather, who was a delightful storyteller. She began writing poetry herself, at about the age of 10 and continued to write as a hobby during and after her school years. After graduating from college, she worked within the energy sector, forming her own administrative business where she continued as president and co-owner until retirement.

As a creative outlet beyond the dry confines of the corporate world, Kit became a contributing member of Passions in Poetry in 1999. Shortly thereafter, she joined their associated PiPTalk Forums and subsequently became an Administrator during the forum's most prolific and engaging years. Her interaction at the site, along with a renewed interest in studying the more particular details regarding meter and rhyme, allowed her an avenue to further develop the structure and form in her later writings.

Kit's work often explores the universal challenges and lessons of daily life. You will find her work penned under both Kit McCallum and Kit Detering. Some of her work has been published in newsletters and magazines, as well as a multi-level advertising campaign through the J. Walter Thompson advertising agency. Several of her poems were additionally published in a series of anthologies, including Voices on the Web, Visions on the Web and Reflections on the Web, by 2001-2003.